Together with national and international societies, the platform supports the exchange of expertise and promotes young academics in the various fields of chemistry.more

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The dialogue with society and politics is most important to the Platform Chemistry. The platform presents itself as a dialogue partner for politics, media, economy and industry. Through its member societies, the Platform Chemistry has an extensive network of about 3000 experts at its disposal.

Another priority is the improvement of the public reception of chemistry as a fundamental future-oriented science and as an important contributor to our society. The Platform Chemistry would like to arouse enthusiasm among children and young people for science and chemistry in particular. Promotion of young scientists at all levels of education, from pre-school to junior professors is therefore a top priority.

Through a broad-based debate and the provision of expert knowledge, the platform aims to inform the interested public about chemical topics and the importance of chemistry in everyday life. More about this can be found on the dialogue page.

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Murielle Delley: Prix Schläfli Chemie 2019
Murielle Delley - the privilege of life-long learning

When asked about her motivation to study chemistry, Murielle Delley explains that she has always wanted to know how things work. When it came to understanding what was happening around

Image: Bernard Delley
Logo of the IYPT 2019 - International Year of Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements
IYPT 2019 - International Year of the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements

The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements is one of the most significant achievements in science, capturing the essence not only of chemistry, but also of physics and biology. 1869 is

Im Falkensteinerhof wirkte ab 1828 Christian Friedrich Schönbein.
Schönbeins Labor – Falkensteinerhof in Basel mit «Chemical Landmark» ausgezeichnet

Die Wirkungsstätte von Christian Friedrich Schönbein, der Falkensteinerhof am Münsterplatz in Basel, wurde am 16. November 2017 von der Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz als «Historische Stätte der Chemie» ausgezeichnet. Der


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Welcome to the «Platform Chemistry»!

Many scientific and technological challenges lie before us, where chemistry can provide solutions, but also bring forward new questions…

YFM - wo sich der Chemie-Nachwuchs trifft!
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Chemical Landmark 2013
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