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Chemistry Travel Award 2020

Chemistry Travel Award 2020
Chemistry Travel Award 2020

Through the «Chemistry Travel Award», contributions towards the cost of participation at an international conference in the chemical sciences are granted to selected PhD students. The award is sponsored by the Platform Chemistry of the SCNAT and the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS).

Congratulations to the winners of the Chemistry Travel Awards 2020!

The two jurys of the SCS and the two jurys of the SCNAT decided to reward the scientific accomplishements of the following PhD Students:

Dalu CHANG, UniGe, adv. Prof. Nicolas Winssinger.
Conference: EMBO Chemical Biology 2020
Contribution: Luciferase-Induced Photouncaging: Bioluminolysis

Faustine d'ORCHYMONT, UZH, adv. Prof. Jason Holland
Conference: Pacifichem 2020
Contribution: Supramolecular radiopharmaceuticals for multi-modality imaging of cancer

Romain J.-C. DUBEY, ETHZ + Empa, adv. Prof. Maksym V.Kovalenko
Conference: 2020 MRS Fall Meeting
Contribution: Silicon Oxycarbide as a Host Matrix of Choice to Stabilize Li-Ion Storage in Nanosized Alloying Elements

Ahmed ELABD, UniFr, adv. Prof. Ali Coskun
Conference: PRiME 2020
Contribution: Covalent Triazine Frameworks Incorporating Charged Polypyrrole Channels for HighPerformance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Michelle FREI, EPFL, adv. Prof. Kai Johnsson
Conference: MAF2020
Contribution: Increasing fluorophore brightness through self-labeling protein tags

Susanne GEISEN, ETHZ, adv. Prof. Shana Sturla
Conference: ACS National Meeting Fall 2020
Contribution: Chemical mechanism of O6-carboxymethyldeoxyguanine formation from azaserine and abundance in cells

Vladimir GORBACHEV, ETHZ, adv. Prof. Peter Chen
Conference: Gordon Research Conference: "Gaseous Ions: Structures, Energetics and Reactions"
Contribution: Cryogenic ion vibrational predissociation (CIVP) spectroscopy of a gas-phase molecular torsion balance to probe London dispersion forces in large molecules

Yannick GUNTERN, EPFL (VS), adv. Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti
Conference: ACS Fall 2020 National Meeting
Contribution: Synthetic route for colloidal nanocrystal/covalent organic framework hybrids

Ilia KOCHETYGOV, EPFL, adv. Prof. Wendy Queen.
Conference: Nanomaterials for Applications in Energy Technology
Contribution: Dimensionality control and rational design of novel nanoporous metal-organic frameworks

Miriam LINSENMEIER, ETHZ, adv. Prof. Paolo Arosio
Conference: Cell Symposia: Biological Assemblies: Phase Transitions and More
Contribution: Droplet-based microfluidic platforms to investigate the kinetics and thermodynamics of phase transitions

Jade NGUYEN, EPFL, adv. Prof. Pablo Rivera-Fuentes.
Conference: Pacifichem 2020
Contribution: Disruption of Redox Homeostasis by Enzymatic Activation of a Triakylphosphine Probe in Mitochondria

Margarita REKHTINA, ETHZ, adv. Prof. Christoph Müller
Conference: 2020 MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit
Contribution: Elucidating the factors governing the cyclic performance of MgO-based sorbents of CO2 using time-resolved in situ XRD/PDF techniques

Abdusalom SULEYMANOV, EPFL, adv. Prof. Kay Severin
Conference: Pacifichem 2020
Contribution: Synthesis of Tetraarylethene Luminogens by C-H Vinylation of Arenes with Triazenes

Jin Fay TAN, EPFL, adv. Prof. Nicolai Cramer
Conference Pacifichem 2020
Contribution: Highly Divergent Access to Densely Substituted Arenes, Pyridines and Pyridones via Transition Metal-Catalyzed Transformations of Alkynyl Triazenes

Zacharias THIEL, ETHZ, adv. Prof. Pablo Rivera-Fuentes
Conference: Pacifichem 2020
Contribution: Single-Molecule Imaging of Active Enzymes in Live Cells Using Photo-Crosslinking Probes

Matthias TINZL, ETHZ, adv. Prof. Donald Hilvert.
Conference: Girona Seminar 2020
Contribution: Enhancing catalysis of iron heme metalloproteins using non-canonical amino acids

Ming-Ming WANG, EPFL, adv. Prof. Jerome WASER
Conference: ICOS 2020: XXIII International Conference on Organic Synthesis
Contribution: Oxidative Ring-opening Fluorination of Cyclopropylamides

Yanan WANG, UniGe, adv. Prof. Thomas Buergi
Conference: ISSPIC XX
Contribution: Deracemization of Au38 Clusters: Breaking the Equal Status and Dynamic Inversion of Enantiomers

Rebekah WELLS, EPFL (VS), adv. Prof. Kevin Sivula
Conference: PRiME 2020
Contribution: The roll-to-roll deposition of 2D nanoflake films of semiconducting TMDs for large area solar-to-chemical energy conversion

Prerna YADAV, UZH, adv. Prof. Felix Zelder
Conference: EUROBIC 15
Contribution: Disassembly Approach for the Selective and Sensitive Detection of Pyrophosphate

Xiangli YI, EPFL, adv. Prof. Xile Hu
Conference: ICOS 2020: XXIII International Conference on Organic Synthesis
Contribution: Cu-involved electrocatalysis and photocatalysis for the synthesis of allyamine derivatives from unactivated alkenes


We are aware that lots of conferences are already or will be soon cancelled due to the exceptional situation related to the COVID19. We received less applications and decided to distribute less awards.

We kindly appreciate if you can inform us of conferences cancellation/postponement/change of format by writing at .