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Chemical Landmarks

The Platform Chemistry established the program «Chemical Landmarks» to identify and manifest the scientific and technological heritage by awarding sites which have played a significant role in the history of chemistry in Switzerland.

Switzerland in particular owes a major part of its wealth to chemistry with its discoveries and successes in research and the ensuing chemical industry. The goal of the program is to recognise historical sites where distinguished chemists or important chemical breakthroughs were made and to emphasize and foster public interest in the chemical sciences.

Annually, one historic site is selected and awarded during an official ceremonial act.

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All Chemical Landmarks to date:

Nominations for the next round of designations are now open:

Everyone – chemist or non-chemist, historian or non-historian – is encouraged to submit their nomination to the «Platform Chemistry».

The proposals will be reviewed by a committee of chemists, chemical engineers, and science historians.

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