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Changes to the Board of the SCNAT Platform Chemistry

The executive board of the SCNAT officially endorsed the election of Prof. Dr. Shana Sturla as the new president of the SCNAT Platform Chemistry.

2023 profile picture Shana Sturla

Having been a board member since 2017, Shana Sturla assumed the presidency from Prof. Dr. Catherine Housecroft (University of Basel), who stepped down from the platform at the end of 2023, culminating six years of continuous service as a board member, including three as president.

Following this change in roles, the executive board has confirmed the election of Prof. Dr. Christof Sparr (University of Basel) as a new board member of the SCNAT Platform Chemistry and confirmed the platform members Dr. Klemens Koch (Pädagogische Hochschule Bern, Gymnasium Biel-Seeland and President of the Association of Swiss Science Teachers), Prof. Dr. Christian Bochet (University of Fribourg, President Swiss Chemical Society), Prof. Dr. Thomas Bürgi (University of Geneva, Board Member Swiss Surface and Interface Community), Prof. Dr. Laura Nyström (ETH Zurich and Board Member Swiss Society for Food Chemistry), Prof. Dr. Rebecca Buller (ZHAW), Prof. Dr. Patrick Steinegger (PSI/ETH Zurich), and Prof. Dr. Sandra Luber (University of Zurich)