TATTOOS Mini-Symposium


08:30 - 13:00


paul scherrer institute (online)

Minisymposium on Targeted Alpha Therapy using Terbium and Other Oncological Solutions

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Background of the symposium: As part of the strategic planning period 2025-2028 of the ETH Board for the ETH Domain, the Paul Scherrer Institute proposes a large research infrastructure project. The project entails the installation of a new beam line at the High Intensity Proton Accelerator (HIPA) facility at the PSI, with its world-record intensity proton beam, to produce innovative radionuclides for medical purposes particularly for targeted alpha-particle therapy of cancer at the quality and quantity necessary for clinical application. TATTOOS should also comprise laboratories for the aseptic production of novel radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals that will be made available to hospitals and enable world-first clinical studies.

At this Mini-Symposium world-renowned key-opinion leaders in physics and medicine will highlight the importance of radiolabelled drugs for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the coming decades.


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