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SCNAT Ethics Series 2022

The SCNAT Ethics Series in chemistry has been established to initate discussions about the wide-ranging topic of ethics in chemistry. Internationally renowned speakers are invited to a series of panel discussion and workshops at Swiss universities and federal institutes of technology.

The chosen format is in the "world café" style: short introductory lectures, break-out sessions to discuss specific topics, reports to the plenary followed by a panel discussion with audience participation.

  • Surely it doesn’t apply to me? Equating integrity with best practice.”

  • Orchestrating relevance: A questionable trait of modern publication culture.

Prof. Edwin Constable (president of the Swiss Academies' Committee for Research Integrity, Prof. Uni Basel), Prof. Antonio Togni (former Vice Rector for Doctoral Studies, Prof. em. ETHZ) and local panelists discuss those and other questions.

UZH am 15.6. (am PhD retreat)
ETHZ am 21.6. (im Bellavista)
Uni FR am 24.6.