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Ethics Lecture Tour 2017

The «Platform Chemistry» organises lecture tours on the wide-ranging topic of ethics in chemistry. Internationally renowned speakers are invited to give a series of lectures at Swiss universities and federal institutes of technology.
The chosen format is a short lecture with a long discussion to encourage active participation of the audience. The lectures are open to all educational levels of chemists, from students to senior professors.

The Chemical Profession: From Scientific Integrity to Social Responsibility

Dr. Jan Mehlich and Dr. Frank Moser
While previous year's lecturer Prof. Jeffrey Kovac focused on aspects of Good Scientific Practice as important element of profession ethics for chemists, this year's lecture aims at pointing out the connections between chemical activity (in academia, industry and beyond) and the social spheres that are impacted by it. In view of this systemic approach, the lecturers will draw the bow from scientific integrity and proper conduct of a chemical profession via social, economic and environmental impact of chemistry to chemists' role in contemporary sustainability and risk discourses. Starting from the chemists' daily professional routines, it will be illustrated in which way decisions and actions have a conspicuous ethical dimension by being firmly linked to economic processes, political decision-making (science governance and regulation), social progress and environmental integrity. Prominent real-life examples will be presented to support this thesis. The goal of this lecture is to sharpen the participants' awareness for the normative content of their activities and to increase their motivation to see "the larger picture" of chemistry in society and its sub-spheres.

ELT 2017 Schedule:


Place Local Host
9.10.17 16:00Uni ZürichY15-G-19Jason Holland
10.10.17 16:30Uni GenèveSci III 1S081Thomas Bürgi
11.10.17 16:30Uni BernEG16 (DCB)Matthias Arenz
12.10.17 9:00Uni Baselkl. Hörsaal OCChristof Sparr
Oliver Wenger
12.10.17 17:15ETHZHCI J7Christophe Copéret
16.10.17 17:15Uni Fribourggrand auditoire
département de Chimie
Fabio Zobi

The «Platform Chemistry» would like to thank the local hosts for their support and commitment.

Jan Mehlich

Department of Philosophy
Tunghai University
Taichung City

Frank Moser

Programme Officer
Office of the Executive Secretary
Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions/UN Environment
International Environment House I
11-15 Chemin des Anémones
CH-1219 Châtelaine