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Prix Schläfli 2023 award for the four best dissertations in natural sciences

Simone Bavera (Astronomy), Joël Bloch (Biology), Michelle Frei (Chemistry) and Ariadni Afroditi Georgatou (Geosciences) were honoured with the Prix Schläfli 2023 for findings made in the context of their dissertations. Through this prize, the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) singles out the four most significant insights of young researchers at Swiss universities. The Prix Schläfli has been awarded since 1866.

Prix Schläfli 2023: Joël Bloch, Ariadni Afroditi Georgatou, Simone Bavera, Michelle Frei
Image: SCNAT

Simone Bavera – Discovering the beauty of the universe

Prix Schläfli 2023 for Astronomy: Simone Bavera researches the properties of merging black holes, pioneering work that he performs at the University of Geneva. As a consequence of this, he has been awarded the Prix Schläfli for Astronomy.

Joël Bloch – Exploring unknown worlds with the microscope

Prix Schläfli 2023 in Biology: Structural biology is, he believes, the "most attractive" of sciences. Joël Bloch has been awarded the Prix Schläfli in Biology for the dissertation he submitted to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich on special sugar molecules in cell membranes.

Michelle Frei – Illuminating cells

Prix Schläfli 2023 for Chemistry: Her work could revolutionise fluorescence microscopy. Michelle Frei has developed a new method to render processes in living cells visible at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg. She has been awarded the Prix Schläfli for Chemistry in recognition of this.

Ariadni Afroditi Georgatou – What igneous rock tells us about mineral resources

Prix Schläfli 2023 in Geosciences: At the age of 32, Ariadni Afroditi Georgatou is already an internationally recognised pioneer in the area between volcanology and mineralogy. She has been awarded the Prix Schläfli in Geosciences for her dissertation on magmatic sulphide minerals at the University of Geneva.

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