The Swiss Society of Science Teachers (Verein Schweizer Naturwissenschaftslehrerinnen und –lehrer (VSN)) is a group of Swiss teachers who are teaching or have taught biology and/or chemistry. The society’s aim is the promotion of collaborations among its members as well as the support of their professional development.

The VSN regularly offers classes and supports its members in the development and the publication of appropriate didactic teaching methods. To do so, four permanent commissions track the interests of the society, each being responsible for a specific field and language. Further, the society represents the needs of its members towards the centre of professional development (WBZ), industry and other partners. The VSN publishes its own journal “Chemistry and Biology” (c+b) three times a year, where information and precious helps for teaching are provided.

Number of members: 465 (2017)
Verein Schweizerischer Naturwissenschaftslehrerinnen und -lehrer (VSN) is a member of SCNAT, Platform Chemistry