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Scientific Editor for Pure and Applied Chemistry – Call for Nominations

Professor Hugh D. Burrows, Scientific Editor of Pure and Applied Chemistry, is stepping down at the end of 2022 after serving as Scientific Editor since 2014. IUPAC requests nominations and/or applications to succeed Professor Burrows in this position.

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The mandate for the Scientific Editor will be to maintain the scientific standards, focus on the international profile of the journal, and explore creative ways to engage with the IUPAC community in the digital 21st century. PAC is published monthly and includes recommendations, reports, as well as lectures from conferences.

Nominations will be accepted from NAOs as well as from individual scientists. Interested applicants are asked to send application materials, including a CV, a brief statement of interest, an outline of thoughts on the journal and the names and contact details of three references, by e-mail to the Secretary General Richard Hartshorn <rhartshorn@iupac.org>. If an NAO is making the nomination, a letter of nomination from the NAO should also be included. The deadline for nominations is 31 July 2022.

More info: https://iupac.org/scientific-editor-for-pac/